Wiser Oy: Our history and expertise

Following a career of more than 20 years in the metal industry, Mr. Viljo Järvenpää founded Wiser Oy in 1986. Mr Järvenpää is a Finnish metallurgical engineer who specialises in chemistry as well as in mechanical engineering. Above all, he is a passionate researcher and inventor, who holds 100 different patents.

At Wiser Oy, we provide our clients with the opportunity to increase their productivity, improve working conditions and control environmental discharges. We are able to deliver tailored solutions for the purification of water and flue gases and the treatment of dust air. And our range of technologies is maintenance free, reliable and energy-efficient, with many of them being internationally patented.

Engineering is an essential aspect of our services and know-how at Wiser Oy. We carefully consider an integrated approach to the needs of our clients as a prerequisite for fulfilling the increasingly stringent environmental stipulations and achieving economic targets. Consequently, in addition to our manufacturing the equipment, Wiser Oy will also work on the process design, supervise the installation and provide training for operation and maintenance, start-up and guarantee period.

Since 2005 Wiser Oy has been owned by the Paananen family. Mr.
Jalo Paananen is Chairman of the board of Wiser Oy. The other board members are Dr. Mari Pentsar-Kallio and Mr Elmar  Paananen.

Our new ownership structure has given Wiser Oy the opportunity to achieve more vigorous growth. Our total revenue for 2007 exceeded 2.0 million Euros, double the figure of 2006.